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Reid & Dom come from a family of musicians and artists. Their grandad has performed all around the world, and they have a smorgasboard of uncles that have made waves within the NZ music industry. Christmas is always packed to the rafters with loud singing and lyrically questionable songs. The family believes that even though the times may change, music will always electrify a good time and bring people together. 

Yet, apart from the family gatherings, the boys never really started playing together until the NZ Covid lockdown of April 2020. Reid was twiddling his thumbs and Dom popped outside with an ingenious idea. "Let's sing something, you silly dog."  With no hesitation, the boys sang a song a day on Facebook, amassing 50 songs in 50 days. After gathering a following and giving people something to look forward to in a grim time, they sat down and gave writing a go.

With Dom writing the chords and Reid writing the lyrics and melody, they have a pretty seamless writing process. They're heavily influenced by their residency in Dunedin and the raw energy and youth that emanates from the flats and students surrounding them at the University of Otago.

With released covers of Sticky Fingers "Eddy's Song" and "Cyclone" - favourites of both themselves and their audiences, the boys can't wait for people to hear their debut single: "Love This Place", which is set to release in June 2022. 

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Dom's the calm, collected man of the group. He loves listening to Coldplay, Sticky Fingers & Matt Corby and has a fanatic aptitude for complex, deep songs that have high musicality to them.  In his spare time, Dom's a runner and loves hanging out with the boys in his flat in Dunedin.



Reid's an entertainer. He loves rarking a crowd up and knows his way around a dance floor. His musical influences include The 1975, Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers, Prince & The Feelers. In his spare time, Reid's exercising, partying or watching Peaky Blinders.