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The debut single

This song is written about "the best years of your life". It's about being at Otago University (or any place you love) and not wanting to grow up. About being carefree - living in a timewarp of good times forever.



  • NZ 2021-2022 summer tour (sponsored by Leigh Hart/Arty D & Flatpack). Played in Christchurch, Wanaka, Queenstown, Dunedin, Auckland & Mount Maunganui.

  • Played 49 gigs in 2021 at bars, flat parties, 21sts & charity events.

  • Commissioned to write a song for the Otago Peace Club.

  • Collaborated with Palmah (a Dunedin student 100% sustainable clothing brand) for their merch.

  • Performed on The Breeze radio station's "Live Lounge" 4 times.

  • 1.3k followers on Facebook, 600 followers on Instagram and 200 followers on Tiktok.

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Dom & Reid Edmond grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and were born into an incredibly musical family. Their grandad travelled the world performing music and their uncles have made their own waves within the New Zealand music industry as musical artists (James Reid - the Feelers/Donald Reid).

The boys now live in Dunedin, New Zealand, after attending the University of Otago. This city is a microcosm of students, with youth bursting at the seems.

The boys emulate this energy. Their sound is a mix of bands like Six60, Mako Road, The Feelers, Coldplay & Sticky Fingers. They are fun, energetic and positive. They are well renowned for their energy and crowd interaction when performing live, and they have a cult like following down in the studenthub that is Dunedin. 



The boys have recorded 3 singles at Loho Studios in Christchurch called "Love This Place", "Waiting on a Sunday" & "Boys Are Back". These have been mastered by Kog mastering, and they will be released in June 2022, September 2022 & November 2022 respectively. 

They are going to be opening for The Feelers NZ nationwide tour in July/August 2022 & embarking on their own NZ/AUS tour in December/January 2022 - 2023. They will be looking to play as many festivals during this end of year summer period.

Long-term, the boys want to be signed and create music for the whole world to hear. They want to collaborate with the best the global industry has to offer and tour the world as pop stars. For now, they'll look to increase their stronghold in their Dunedin fortress by playing as many gigs as possible at flat parties and bars, and increase their social media following with strategic and well planned marketing campaigns. They want to continue their loyal student population driving their sound & brand.