The Brothers


The Jack of All Trades

Dom really is the full package. He plays the violin, drums, piano, guitar and has been classically trained in voice. Dom has performed solo at EP releases, weddings, school balls and at The Christchurch Club. His main influence is Matt Corby, he's been the lead role in both productions at school, and has a NZQA scholarship in drama.


The X Factor

Reid is the firecracker & lyricist of the duo. He plays the violin, piano, guitar and could dance the orange off a traffic cone. Reid has played weddings, bars, and has been the resident musician at both Macs Brew Bar & Ratbags in Dunedin. His main musical inspirations are his grandad and uncles, and he's opened for James Reid (the Feelers) and Jason Kerrison (Opshop). At school, Reid performed as the bad boy Reecey in "Our House" and also has an NZQA scholarship for drama.